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  • Deirdre R. Sabo
  • 5005 Summers Mill Road
  • Belton, TX
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Deirdre R. Sabo: Equestrian Life Coach 

Life coaching offers many benefits to the athlete

  • Increases awareness of emotions
  • Gives the athlete tools to manage emotions to their benefit
  • Mental preparation to handle pressure, stress, doubt, etc.
  • Systematic approach to developing an action plan the propels the athlete toward high goals and aspirations
  • Goal mapping- a process of planning out a path towards a main goal
  • Passion mapping- discovering what the athlete really wants to accomplish and why.  Passion mapping allows the athlete to find their motivation…their reason to keep pushing forward.
  • Focus training- honing the ability to focus on the ride
  • Physically training- developing a training plan tailored to the individual rider
  • Mindset adjustments- building an athlete that sees the positive in every situation as well developing a coach-able athlete that is ready to learn and keep an open mind for growth.
  • Courage-  develops the athlete’s ability to move through fear as if it was a fog.  It is hard to see through the fear, but their is a promise of clearness ahead, you just have to keep moving.
  • Self coaching- learn to structure your daily life to ensure long lasting coaching results


Coaching is open to any equestrian athlete, professional or amateur, that is looking for the tools they need to build their future and find more success in the show ring.

Coaching can help those:

  • who need to find more confidence
  • who need to manage their show nerves
  • who need help recovering from injury by developing a plan of action to start training again
  • who have trouble find the motivation to train as they should
  • who need support formulating a training plan to help with their balance and position in the saddle
  • who need help structuring a training plan and staying focused
  • who feel that their goal is overwhelming
  • who feel that they have no formidable goal
  • who feel they need inspiration and an action plan to proceed into the future of their sport
  • who need help finding their potential


When you enroll by signing up below, you will immediately be sent your coaching questionnaire.  This will help me get to know how you learn, and what your expectations for me are.

Your 30 day workbook and welcome package will follow the questionnaire.

Your first month in the program will include one live coaching session a week.  This coaching session will be done on video using the computer, or in person if you are local to Belton, Texas or the surrounding areas.  The live coaching sessions will be recorded for review and note taking purposes to better serve the athlete.

Email questions are welcome at anytime while the athlete is a “competitor” member of

Once the 30 days is up, The client is automatically enrolled in the continuing program.  I highly recommend a year commitment.  The continuing programs gives you access to Deirdre, your coach, through email and entitles you to one live session a month to keep you on track.  the athlete will also be entitled to 3 phone calls a month to discuss progress and future plans (as well as address any questions or concerns).

Need a more intense program?  The Elite membership gives you the same benefits month after month and the first 30 days of the competitor membership.

Every membership including the FREE membership includes a weekly newsletter full of tips and inspiration to keep you moving into the future with a purpose.  Plus full access to the Equestrian Athletes articles and posts.


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