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Want to place a horse, directory or tack listing?

In order to place a listing, there are a few simple steps you will need to follow.

  1. Register for an account. Click here to view the registration page. Once the registration page has been submitted, you will receive an automated email containing a link to activate your account. Click on this link to activate your account.
  2. Sign into Dressage Market.
  3. Click on the ‘My Account’ tab.
  4. Select ‘Create a Listing’.
  5. Follow the remaining steps listed on each page to complete your listing.

Assistance is Always a Click Away

If you ever have a question or comment, please send us an email through the Contact Us form. We pride ourselves on replying to questions quickly and enjoy helping visitors in any way we can. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page .

We hope that you enjoy Dressage Market and thank you for visiting! Team