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Horse Listings


There are many benefits to listing your horse on Dressage Market. Below is a chart explaining the benefits of both regular horse listings and featured horse listings.

Pricing Options

* Featured horse listings can be purchased at the time of a horse listing purchase or a current regular horse listing can be upgraded to a featured listing at a later date. When a listing is upgraded at a later date, the featured listing will be included in the New Listings Update Newsletter even if they were included in an earlier newsletter. Upgrading a horse listing does not extend the expiration date of a listing. Upgraded horse listings will remain upgraded until the current listing expires.


  1. All Horse and Tack/Equipment listings must state the price. Including the price in your listing allows DressageMarket.com to display listings by asking price. This also allows your listing to be included in the Horse Alert Email service, leading more potential buyers to your advertisement.
  2. Listings on DressageMarket.com are for advertising your dressage horse or tack/equipment only. These listings are not meant for advertising multiple horses or to provide a link toward your sales, breeding or training facility. DressageMarket.com invites you to list your dressage-related business in our Directory.